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IBC in English

–   A world of opportunity

We equip workers and entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle future challenges. We develop multi-skilled individuals to whom innovation, flexibility and globalisation are not abstract concepts – but natural ways of thinking, now and for the future.
We aim to stay on top of the rapid changes in the modern world, to anticipate students’ and companies’ needs before they arise – and create opportunities to work together with the rest of the world – through the provision of flexible, up-to-date programmes that keep open the doors to the global village.

The same applies to those already pursuing their career but who need to up-date professional and personal competencies. We create supplementary training and further study opportunities for those who wish to enhance their qualifications and knowledge. IBC responds to these demands through continuous development of new programmes and application of the most up-to-date learning and teaching methodology. We achieve this through highly professional, experienced and committed staff and by listening to our other stakeholders: industry, students and institutional partners – regionally, nationally and internationally. IBC is a part of the world – and the world is a part of the IBC: we welcome students from all over the globe; our students spend time abroad and return with new ideas. International guest lecturers inspire us – and we co-operate closely with some of the best universities and business schools in the international arena. At IBC the world is never far away. The future is full of opportunity. At IBC we take up the challenge. We make IBC a better place to learn.

Jens Gamauf

IBC – in the heart of Denmark

IBC is centrally located in one of Denmark’s fastest-growing business regions with campuses in Fredericia, Kolding and Aabenraa and a regional population of 350,000.

Our study programmes and management training courses attract students and companies throughout Denmark and many countries worldwide.

IBC Fredericia Middelfart

Mosegårdsvej 1, 7000 Fredericia
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IBC Kolding

Tvedvej 7, 6000 Kolding
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IBC Aabenraa

Dronning Margrethes Vej 6-12, 6200 Aabenraa
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Our educations


Vocational Education and Training
A cornerstone of the school’s activities, offering options within sales, commerce, administration, internationalisation and entrepreneurship.


Business A-levels/Business High School
At IBC the emphasis is on enabling active learning and creativity in a splendid physical environment, where students develop independent thinking and a sense of responsibility without the need for unnecessary constraints. During the 3-year programme students strengthen their international perspectives and business skills, with automatic progression to higher education at universities or business schools.


Adult Education Centre
We offer student-centred programmes at various levels – from basic to A-level/high school level. Core areas include Higher Preparatory Examination, adult education, continuous training and dyslexia.

IBC Courses and IBC Consultancy

Nordic Management Training Centre

The IBC Nordic Management Training Centre caters to companies both internationally and throughout Denmark. IBC have introduced Nordic management in India and China, in areas such as management training, organizational and staff development. IBC’s management, Human Resource and Project management courses are designed to provide skills and competencies that are tailored to a company’s individual needs. Teaching can take place at IBC or on-site in the company.

Vocational Education

A direct route to employment, in which IBC applies an international perspective. Programmes typically include an international component such as overseas study tours or practical training in another country. We place great emphasis on career counselling: professional job consultants help to match companies and students in connection with traineeships. Students are encouraged to pursue their individual career and training goals, whether they are at A-level/high school, adult or apprenticeship level.

Vocational Training

IBC is a regional centre of vocational training within: Retailing, Commerce, Private and Public Administration, Banking, Accountancy, Shipping and Finance. All programmes are developed in close co-operation with the business community, who choose IBC because we fulfil their demand for quality, flexibility and subject range.

Business A-levels/Business High School

This 3-year programme is rooted in social sciences with a common core that includes: Business Economics, Marketing, International Economics, Business Law, Civics, Contemporary History, Mathematics, Danish, English and one or two of the languages German/Spanish/French. In addition, there is a range of majors/areas of specialisation that includes Economics, Marketing and Internationalisation

With a an emphasis on the individual student’s development, these study programmes offer pathways into a wide range of higher education opportunities within business, communication, journalism, languages, and law, but also in areas such as teaching and social work.

Adult Education Centre /E-Learning Center

An integral part of the IBC dealing specifically with adult learners.

General Adult Education

General adult education corresponds to 9th and 10th grade. General adult education offers single subjects or packages for students wishing to move on quickly to another educational programme.

Preparatory Adult Education (Danish and Arithmetic)

Preparatory adult education is an offer to the many Danes who need skills in Danish and arithmetic in order to qualify for study programmes or just to manage everyday life at the workplace.

Higher Preparatory Examination

The Higher Preparatory Examination is a 2-year A-level/high school programme consisting of a number of compulsory subjects as well as a range of electives. A major written individual assignment and an examination project are obligatory components. The Higher Preparatory Examination is offered as single subjects, packages or full 2-year programmes.

IBC Management Training Centre

Training needs do not come to an end after graduation. We offer high level programmes and courses starting from, and tailored to the needs, of the individual company and its employees. Our ‘future-proof’ approach provides in-depth knowledge and skills for now and in the time to come.

With a professional and focused effort as the basis, the IBC Management Training Centre is a serious cooperative partner for businesses and employees in many different trades and business sectors. The IBC Management Training Centre offers tailored programmes at various levels – at the IBC or in the company – e.g. in connection with:

  • Training of employees
  • Training of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in the company
  • Co-operation with the company about developing/restructuring the organization

IBC Management Training Centre

The following are also part of the IBC Management Training Centre programme:

IT and economics

Basic and advanced MS Office courses, project management, web design, Navision, SEO (search engine optimization)

Leadership and HR

Basic-level, academy-level and BA-level programmes

Programmes for the service trades

Experience economy, sales & customer service within tourism, retailing, banking, insurance


Sales training, presentation technique, communication, managing meetings, telesales

Project management

Basic, international or IT project management PRINCE2

Marketing and Communication

Marketing, advertising, media, online marketing, web-communication, graphic design, law, SEO (search engine optimization)

IBC – surrounded by business

IBC is located in one of Denmark’s strongest growth areas. With a regional population of 350,000 and campuses in Kolding, Aabenraa and Fredericia/Middelfart, IBC is surrounded by dynamic businesses, cultural life and job opportunities.


The largest city in the region, Kolding is home to IBC’s largest campus. With a population of 65,000, several educational institutions, rich cultural, recreational, outdoor and leisure amenities, Kolding provides a very attractive learning environment. With a flourishing commercial life and strategic location with superb transport connections by road, rail and air, Kolding is a true gateway to the global market.


A city with a long and constantly changing history, and its unique location close to the German border, Aabenraa makes a very attractive student centre. The area boasts a varied and healthy business life especially within transport, trade and agriculture. There are numerous beaches and beautiful scenery – and the city itself has a rich cultural life/ city life.


Fredericia could not be more conveniently situated to the region’s rail and road connections. Combined with one of Denmark’s biggest commercial harbours, Fredericia is a natural centre for logistics and transport companies, generating substantial business and commercial development in the area. With a population of 50,000 and a rich cultural life, the city is famous for its fairs, conferences and exhibitions.


The “city of bridges” is one of Denmark’s most beautifully situated, beside the Little Belt and offering superb maritime opportunities. The municipality’s 37,000 inhabitants support a number of high-tech companies surrounded by marvellous scenery with easy access to the rest of Denmark.

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IBC Aabenraa

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